Piers Atkinson

paloma spread

Piers Atkinson is a well respected name in the world of millinery, with his designs adorning the heads of Pop stars and Royalty. With an extroverted style that would make Philip Treacy blush, Atkinson has firmly cornered the wearable art market. So imagine my surprise when I discovered I was acquainted with this millinery mastermind, talk about not being able to see the wood for the trees.

Atkinson is a delightful individual, polite and well mannered with a fantastically creative mind, a mind that is capable of creating bondage style bridles one minute and masks for the Prince of Wales the next. Atkinson’s interest in hats was ignited by his mother, a Milliner for the English National Opera, and after completing a Photography degree, he moved from the idyllic Norfolk to the bustling capital to work with legendary designer Zandra Rhodes. In 2008 Atkinson created his first collection, consisting of 9 pieces with inspiration taken from elements of his roots; from fashion and theatre to sculpture and the wild, energetic excesses of the London club scene. Now Atkinson makes a 50 piece collection each season, as well as bespoke items for magazines, charities and everyone in between.

Piers Atkinson, is a hat making marvel and quite frankly a breath of fresh air in the overly political world of fashion. Atkinson is a designer who simply wants to have fun with fashion, an old fashioned belief shared by the likes of Mary Quant and Yves Saint Laurent, a belief that is sadly being lost amidst the activism of modern designers. Through his marvellous creations, Atkinson is putting the fun side of British fashion back on the map.




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