Erizabeth L

Despite many near perfect dramatical representations of Elizabeth I, I shall again look towards a comical rendition of the Virgin Queen. The Boys of Monty Python are well known for their ability to pull off excellent female characters, just look at the master of playing a housewife, Terry Jones.

In a stark comparison to Miranda Richardson’s perfectly bonkers portrayal amidst a fairly ordinary 16th Century setting, Graham Chapman performs a perfectly austere and sincerely regal version of the Queen, remaining remarkably dignified whilst ‘Erizabeth’s’ closest advisors sit atop motorized bicycles and everyone, including Her Majesty, speaks Japanese pidgin English.

Chapman cuts a stern figure in a a large traditional gown, bleached eyebrows and fiery red wig perfectly coiffed into Elizabeth’s historic mouse ear hairstyle. Costume designer Hazel Pethig outdid herself in creating an Elizabeth befitting such a bizarre scenario, granted it is not the best rendition of Elizabeth’s gowns out there, but just to see Graham Chapman take on this legendary figure, and dare I say pull it off, is plenty of reason study this altogether astonishing version of Elizabeth I.



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