Elizabeth in all her splendour.

The life Queen Elizabeth I is  generally performed with the utmost sincerity and highest form of drama, highlighting the turmoil of her early life, stigma of her illegitimacy that stayed with her long after her mother’s execution, as well as the difficulty not only in being a female ruler, but one who had no desire to marry anyone other than her beloved country. All aspects that lead to both sincere and serious representations of a highly complex and remarkable individual.

However one incredible depiction of Elizabeth I, breaks away from mold as created by such greats as Bette Davis, Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchett and Graham Chapman.

In the comedic gold that is Blackadder II, Queenie as portrayed by Miranda Richardson, is shown as childish, spoiled and silly with a highly unpredictable temper – a far cry from usual regal and austere depictions. However, although Queenie herself may be a slightly bonkers rendition of one of the greatest monarchs in history. The costumes as created by the legendary Annie Hardinge are beautifully crafted representations of what was a truly over the top time in fashion. Hardinge clearly had a ball dressing such ostentatious characters, however even Queenie is given a run for her money by Lord Percy Percy’s perfect recreation of Robert Dudley’s fantastic orange suit.


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